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Good Samaritan Family Services is a nonprofit Christian organization living out the mission of "Serving the Lord by reaching out to those in need." Whether it is helping a family have food to eat, having the power turned back on for a senior citizen, providing diapers and clothing to a young mom, being there for the results of a pregnancy test, or encouraging a young guy in learning how to be a dad.

Meet The Team


David Kroon

David "Dave" is the Food Pantry Coordinator & Chaplain for Good Samaritan Family Services. Dave is a sports junky with a peaceful demeanor that can put anyone at ease. 


Gayle Kroon

Gayle is the Moms & Tots Director, and has one of the most caring hearts you will find. She creates an environment that is warm and welcoming, no matter what a person is going through.


I’m not sure why He gave me this job assignment, I had 5 kids, was so busy, had never been to a food pantry, and had no business experience.  Even though I felt the Lord was prodding me to start this work, I kept saying no, not me... but I’ll help someone.  Finally, that morning in church I said, (unfortunately out loud) “Fine, I’ll do it!”  My kids looked at me in wonder..., I wondered too!

God has joined us all together to get the job done. I’ve been so blessed to love to come to “work” each day, never knowing what the day will bring.  We see miracles happen almost daily.  We are able to be a part of people’s lives- their joys and their pain.   I’ve felt scars, held babies, laughed and cried with people.  I’ve been fortunate to work with amazing people at the different agencies and churches we partner with.   I’ve made great friends here at the Good Samaritan.  I’ve grown and learned and benefited from the volunteers, the families we serve, and the donors I’ve come to know.

I know the ministry of the Good Sam is in good hands - in God’s hands.  I know He has the people in place to continue the ministry as we “Serve the Lord by reaching out to those in need.”

- Mary Peterson, Founder of Good Samaritan Family Services

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