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Revenue generated from our resale shop and furniture store sales help support our food pantry and maintenance costs for our ministries. We also use the donations we receive to provide clothes, coats, shoes, and other essentials to some of our less fortunate customers for little to no cost to them.

Treasures for Sale

Our resale shop is packed full of all sorts of treasures. With weekly sales, and new items always surfacing, there is something for everyone at our resale shop. Our furniture store (located downtown Ellsworth) has everything from couches, to coffee tables, to trinkets.


Donating Items

We gladly accept clean, useable items any time we are open. We ask that items not be left outside our building during closed hours, mainly because these items will often become unusable. If you have questions about whether items are in good enough condition for us to take please don't be afraid to ask, we will be happy to help.

Fun Atmosphere

We like to have fun! When you come into our resale shop you may notice that the atmosphere is upbeat and even a little quirky! Examples of our weekly sales are “buy something with a zipper get the next zippered item free!” or “buy a top get a bottom free”, and our most popular sale is the $5 bag sale! Our prices are very low, most tops and bottoms are $1, sweaters and jeans are $2, and baby clothes are 50 cents, and kids clothes are $1.

We are eager to help, and enjoy sharing a story or two! Come in and enjoy the treasure hunt! Our furniture store is full of treasures! We have vintage, classic, and well loved items throughout the large store front and in 3 bays too! Bring your truck and trailer when you come in to shop, you’ll find something to take home!

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